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Woman: I’m a ‘perfectly normal’ person with no problems

Woman: I’m a ‘perfectly normal’ person with no problems

By Maggie McPherson | 09 December 2017 06:02:19A woman in the UK has told the BBC she is a “perfectly typical” person.

Maggie McPhearon, a former journalist and freelance journalist, has been in a relationship for nine years and is currently dating a man from Australia.

Her relationship with the Australian man started in 2010 when she was asked to cover a story for the Daily Telegraph, but she said the relationship didn’t last.

“I didn’t get married, I didn’t have children, I was still on a tight budget,” she said.

“It was a bit of a gamble for me, but it’s not for me to say I’m not a feminist.”

So far, so good.

“Ms McPheyaron said she did not see the issue of sexism or discrimination as a huge issue, but the issue could be a barrier to marriage or career.”

One of the biggest challenges that women in the workplace face is the issue that they are viewed as more of a burden than a contribution to the team,” she told the programme.”

The more that women have to negotiate the ‘right’ role or role, the more it seems to be a struggle.

“The programme was filmed in the summer of 2017, when the BBC was interviewing a woman from England who had been forced to resign after being raped by her partner.

In a separate interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the woman said she had faced “bitter, relentless sexism” during her marriage and had been offered less money than men.”

For me it was a big challenge,” she explained.”

To get a fair wage from my husband is something that I didn´t want to do, so I just put up with it.

“But I still had to fight against all sorts of discrimination.”

Ms McKee said she was shocked by the attitude of some women in her profession.

“Women in the workforce are still under-represented, but they have been given more than they deserve,” she argued.

“We’ve had to pay women more than men to be on the same floor, we’ve had a female doctor on the NHS who has to get a licence for her job, we have to work with men and women.”

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