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How clothing brands have evolved to keep up with the fashion trends

How clothing brands have evolved to keep up with the fashion trends

Clothing brands are changing to stay ahead of the trends in an increasingly globalised world.

But they’re not immune from the rise of fashion and its impact on society.

A study by the Australian Council of Fashion Industry found that, despite the huge growth of clothing sales, fashion retailers are now seeing a drop in customers in many categories.

It also found that the number of Australians aged under 50 buying clothes online is set to rise to a record high in 2018.

And that could mean a decline in sales.

“The trend in the global fashion industry has been to become more globalised,” said Dr John Macfarlane from the Australian Centre for Fashion and Retail Research.

“We are seeing a number of different brands that are opening up in the world and the Australian fashion industry is certainly a good example of that.”

He said the trends were coming in waves, from the “new wave” of designer clothing brands that were launched in the 1980s, through to the “traditional brands” that dominated the fashion world from the 1950s to the 1970s.

“But what has been particularly interesting to us is the shift that has occurred in the past couple of years and the way in which fashion is evolving,” Dr Macfarls said.

“What we’ve seen is that brands like Urban Outfitters are now becoming more global and the brands like H&M are becoming more American.”

That trend is definitely being influenced by the changes that are happening in the consumer culture.

“In the past, fashion brands would be very local to Australia and to Melbourne and they would go to a certain local retailer and they’d be in contact with that retailer for a period of time.”

Dr Macfarnys research found that a major reason for this change was that Australian consumers are increasingly aware of how much their purchases were influenced by fashion brands.

“They tend to think that the brand they buy from in the US is a brand that is local and is going to come into contact with their home, their family and that’s very important for consumers,” he said.

The research also showed that the decline in shopping online was a major factor.

“For the most part, Australians are very aware of the fact that they can’t really shop online because it’s too much of a hassle,” Dr McFarlane said.

And even if they can access online shopping, they may still prefer to buy in-store, at a retailer where they can get the most bang for their buck.

“Most consumers have been able to buy online and then if they do want to go in-person, that’s still going to cost more because they’ve already gone through the process,” Dr McMillon said.

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