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When the first woman to wear a dress at a women’s golf tournament is finally coming home

When the first woman to wear a dress at a women’s golf tournament is finally coming home

When a first-time golfer shows up to a women-only tournament in Australia with a dress, she may be shocked to discover that it is actually her own mother.

When the first-ever female to wear the top hat at a ladies golf tournament at Brisbane’s Royal Country Club last month, Jessica Andrews was greeted by a chorus of boos and was forced to leave the course before it started.

She said the reaction made her feel “pretty stupid” and said she thought it was a “disgrace” to be treated as a second-class citizen.

“I felt pretty stupid for wearing it, I felt like a piece of crap for wearing the hat,” Andrews told the ABC.

“It felt like someone was trying to make a big deal out of nothing.”

I was thinking, ‘I just wanted to be able to go out there and compete, it’s just my mother’s hat.’

“But when the lady in the front row started screaming, I knew I had to go, I had got to go and get the hat.”

Ms Andrews was invited to the women’s tourney by her mother, whose wife, Lacey Andrews, is a senior staff member at the course.

Ms Andrews said she was not a fan of the hat and was told by the club’s vice-president, Michelle Hirsch, that it would be “very difficult” to wear in public.

“She said it was going to be hard because she didn’t have a hat on,” Andrews said.

“The lady on the back of the club, she had to put it on and get dressed.”

That was really embarrassing for me, especially when I was a little girl.

“Ms Hirsch later apologised to Ms Andrews for the incident, but she said it would not be her responsibility to decide whether to wear it in public or not.

Ms Hirst said the club was in discussions with the Queensland Police Service about a possible police investigation.”

Our club has spoken to police and we will be in touch with them if and when they ask us for help in terms of what they can do,” she said.

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