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I’m a man’s man, but I don’t wear clothes

I’m a man’s man, but I don’t wear clothes

I am not a man.

I don�t wear clothes.

I am an un-fashionable man.

It�s a label that I have to put on my body in order to have any kind of real identity.

The term is a product of my adolescence, the year I discovered fashion, the time I became a fashion designer and a writer, and my own journey to understanding my identity as a woman. 

The word man is a binary word that describes male or female, but that does not mean I am male or a woman; I am neither.

I’m an intersectional feminist, a woman who believes in intersectionality, a philosophy of social justice that says that women are people, too.

I believe that the idea of “woman” or “woman-centered” does not make any difference to me, and that it is a lie perpetuated by patriarchy, a system that divides and oppresses women in the name of profit. 

My own personal journey to self-discovery as a feminist has been a journey of self-care, self-education and self-love.

As a feminist, I am concerned about the treatment of women and the treatment and discrimination faced by women in our world.

I�ve written about the injustices of gender-based violence and oppression in this country for over 30 years.

I’ve spoken out about the violence of racism, police brutality, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and other forms of discrimination. 

In 2015, I was featured on The View, on CNN and on The Ellen Show.

It was an incredible moment in my life. 

After the show, I started to receive emails from people who were really happy to hear that I had finally come out as a trans woman.

It took a long time, but finally, I felt like I had a voice and that I could finally say my piece. 

I was honored to be asked on The Today Show to explain my journey and how I had come to be a transgender woman.

I did not think I would be asked about gender-related issues, but in the weeks that followed, I learned about how people were being impacted by our society�s attitudes toward transgender women. 

It was a really emotional moment.

I felt so empowered, so free, that I felt that my body and my identity and my self-worth was being recognized and celebrated.

It made me feel so proud. 

As a transgender man, I have seen the devastating effects of gender inequality in our society.

It affects women and it affects men and it impacts all people.

I want to be able to contribute to the conversation that is happening right now.

I hope to share my story with others so that they can also feel empowered, too, and know that their identity is not something that is held in shame, but something that can be embraced and celebrated and supported. 

A friend of mine recently shared this story to me: I went to a church service and the pastor asked me, “Are you a woman or a man?” 

I responded, “No, I�m a woman.”

He said, “Why don�re you going to a girls school?” 

He then proceeded to make fun of me by saying, “You know, I know you want to go to the girls school, but there�s nothing going on.” 

I said, “Why don’t you ask the teacher?” “No, that�s not going to help.” 

So he went on and said that I was a woman because I wanted to go a girls’ school.

I was upset, because I didn�t want to do that.

It bothered me.

I didn’t want to feel like I was just another woman.

And then I got to the end of the service and was like,  I really didn�ts think I could do this.

I thought I could just get up and leave. 

This was not a conversation I wanted.

This was not my life or my identity.

I wanted people to know that I�d never been ashamed of my identity, that there were transgender people who loved me for who I am, who cared about me, who supported me, that they cared about my safety, and who were willing to put up with my problems, but who would not give me the benefit of the doubt and assume that I might not be a woman, or even that I would change my mind. 

Being a transgender person does not define who I am.

It defines who I want and who I need to be.

I feel like being a transgender activist is about fighting for a society that understands that there are other identities that can and should be celebrated, like those of transgender women and queer and trans men, and I am proud to be one of those identities. 

But, being a trans activist is also about understanding that there is so much more to being a woman than just clothing and fashion.

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