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‘Weird’ robot suit makes a man laugh with its ‘bot suit’

‘Weird’ robot suit makes a man laugh with its ‘bot suit’

A robot suit made out of clothing has made a man smile.

A robotic man dressed as a robot was filmed playing with a robotic hand in a robot suit, while another man dressed in a wig and a pair of shoes, posed with a robot arm.

The video was created by Robodome, an organisation in the UK that creates wearable technology for the disabled.

It was created in response to the deaths of three people in the United States in September.

One of the videos, which has now been viewed more than 3 million times, features a man in a suit that looks very similar to one he had been wearing.

It has also been used by members of the US military, who have worn similar suits for training.

“It was a very fun day for me, I was just enjoying myself with the robot suit,” said James, a member of the group.

Robodome is an independent UK-based company, which is currently working on a wearable device that will help the disabled better use technology.

It is currently in the final stages of testing a robot for the military, but the organisation says it has a number of potential applications in the future.

“The robot suit is one of the most innovative, accessible and practical technologies available,” said Robodomic president Simon Lehr.

“As technology evolves, we will be able to create wearable devices that enable disabled people to more fully utilise technology, including technology that helps them work, live, play and entertain.”

These technologies can be worn as a protective mask, gloves or a glove and as part of a suit, such as a suit jacket or jacket for wearing during work or school holidays.

“A robot suit created out of a pair on the Robodomedia website.

Robodomi has created a wearable technology that will allow the disabled to more effectively use technology, such a suit.

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