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When Wal-Mart Stores opens, ‘women’s apparel will be a big deal’

When Wal-Mart Stores opens, ‘women’s apparel will be a big deal’

Wal-mart will be the first big-box retailer in the US to sell women’s clothes on Tuesday.

The store is scheduled to open on March 1, but it’s not expected to offer much of a discount on women’s clothing, and it will not have an in-store women’s shopping experience.

The chain is already expanding its women’s section in stores like Nordstrom and Sephora.

The company has been criticized for its lack of diversity in its sales and marketing teams.

“Wal-Mart is one of the last bastions of white, middle-class male dominance in American retail,” said Sarah Kliff, senior editor of Vox.com.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing how it will impact the women’s industry and the women that we care about.”

Wal-Marts stores across the US will offer an in store women’s experience, with more options available than other major retailers.

They’ll have a larger selection of clothes, including some women’s dresses and pants, while women’s tights, hoodies, and skirts will also be available.

Walmart also plans to offer women’s fashion show dresses, which are traditionally less expensive than their men’s counterparts.

Women will be able to purchase accessories and accessories like purses, shoes, and accessories that make up women’s wear.

The stores will also have a women’s dress shopping section, where shoppers can buy designer dresses and accessories from brands like Gucci, Gucci Paris, and Gucci Vintage.

But that’s not the only store that’s opening on Tuesday: Wal-marts in New York City and Los Angeles also announced plans to open their doors on Monday.

The retail chain will open a Women’s Fashion Show in the Fashion District, a location that has historically been reserved for men.

“Inclusiveness is at the heart of our brand, and we’re proud to serve the diverse customer base in New Yorkers and LA that will benefit from this exciting and innovative opportunity to participate in the world’s most inclusive and creative marketplace,” Wal-Co said in a statement.

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