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Zara unveils ‘Shirtless’ new range of women’s clothing

Zara unveils ‘Shirtless’ new range of women’s clothing

ZARA is introducing a range of new women’s clothes online and in stores.

The women’s range is designed to be “shimmery, stylish, slim and feminine”.

The collection features a range from the classic zara t-shirt to a range made of the latest in fabric technology.

Zara will be releasing more of the items online and at stores this weekend.

“We want to bring a new energy and style to the women’s section,” said CEO and founder Zara Shahriari.

It’s a new trend in the world of clothing, and we are going to continue to make that happen with this new range.

“The new line is designed with the customer in mind and we want to offer women an innovative and feminine way to express themselves in a way that is both chic and stylish,” she said.

She said the range was inspired by “the power of style and the power of comfort”.

Zara has previously launched clothing for women in the US and Europe, including a range for the Spring.

In January it was announced the company would launch a new women-focused brand, Zara.com, in 2019. 

The company said the new range was a response to its customers’ desire for “a fresh take on women’s apparel”.

ZARA launched the new collection in January.

The company was founded in India by Shahriaria in 2012, and it has since expanded to more than 30 countries, with stores in the UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Australia, and more. 

Zara said it was proud to work with Zara Brands India, which had launched in Delhi, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

“The partnership will help us create a range that will bring Zara to the world in 2019,” Shahriarie said.

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