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‘I am the only one who understands’: Palestinian woman tells story of homelessness

‘I am the only one who understands’: Palestinian woman tells story of homelessness

A Palestinian woman has shared her story of being homeless in Jordan for over a decade after her husband was killed by Israeli forces during a 1967 war, and she has now started a campaign to end the practice.

Rafat Ali was a mother of two children, aged seven and nine, who was living with her family in the West Bank city of Hebron when the 1948 war ended with Israel capturing the area.

She lost her husband to Israeli fire, and was taken to a military camp in the northern West Bank.

When she reached the camp, she found herself living with the same men and families she had left behind, living on the streets and in shacks.

“They treated me like a second class citizen,” Ali told Al Jazeera.

She was unable to find a place to stay because of the camp’s overcrowding, and eventually, she had to take shelter with her mother in the nearby village of Al-Makka, before eventually moving to Ramallah.

“I lived in a tent with only my head covered,” Ali said.

“It was really hard.

I was living in a hole, and I didn’t have any money.”

After her husband died, Ali said she was forced to flee to Ramassah, a refugee camp on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which was then under Jordanian rule.

“I wanted to escape the occupation.

I felt like I was a criminal, and if I didn`t escape, I would die,” Ali recalled.

Al Jazeera’s Hala Shafik reports from Ramallah, where refugees are living in temporary shelters.

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