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How to find a thrift store in Mumbai

How to find a thrift store in Mumbai

As a child, I was obsessed with finding clothes to wear and get rid of the ones that were on sale.

I had no idea how hard it was to find clothes in Mumbai, but after reading the stories of those who had found thrift stores in Mumbai and learnt about the problems they were having, I realised that they were struggling.

I decided to go and search for thrift shops in Mumbai.

I found a couple of thrift retailers in Kalyan and decided to open a store there.

I met a lady in the area and we got married in 2002.

She gave me a job as a cleaner at the shop.

I would work from home and clean up after customers.

I realised after a couple months that I could not do it, so I gave up and started selling my wares online.

I have now started my own store.

I work at the same time as my husband and I have a family of five and we both live in a small house in Kalinga.

The problem of the stores in Kalkaji is not unique to Mumbai.

Many shops are closing and many of the shops in Kolkata have closed.

I would tell them to come to Kalkaniya, because they are not able to operate as they did in Mumbai or Kalyana.

We have been trying to get the stores back but we are struggling.

We want to make them work, but we have to do this from the bottom up.

I am trying to find an organisation who will help us.

This is the reason why we are selling our wares at the local stores.

We would like to do it to make the stores succeed, but at the moment they are suffering.

A group of us have started a group called “Hire an Engineer” to help them.

The group is composed of five employees, who work from 8am to 7pm daily.

The work is done in a bid to bring them to the city.

They have hired an engineer to make a new building in the shop so that we can open up shop.

We are working with the help of a builder who has been in the business for two decades.

He has built a new shop in Kankurla.

The builder has also started to offer us construction work in his shop.

We are trying to set up our shop in the next five to 10 days.

We hope to open the shop by the end of the month.

The construction work will be done by me and my husband, who will work as a contractor.

The shops in the city have a lot of problems.

We can not afford to open up new shops because the money is not there.

There is no infrastructure.

Many of the buildings are in disrepair and many are not functioning properly.

Most of the staff have lost their jobs and have not been able to get any new ones.

We need to find jobs for them and provide them with adequate accommodation.

We also need to take care of the workers and pay their wages.

If we cannot help them, we will have to close the shop permanently.

The city does not provide adequate housing for the workers who are still there.

Many people are still waiting for a job because of lack of space and other reasons.

The problems of the shop in our area are not new.

It is not surprising that the problems are the same in other parts of the country.

We feel the same.

Many families are struggling to pay rent because of the shortage of land in our locality.

It’s not just us.

There are many other people who have lost jobs, too.

We cannot just take a step and move away from the situation.

The business has been here for two years and it is not the time to move.

We must make a change in our business.

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