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New Jersey: ‘My God, It’s Like You’re Home’

New Jersey: ‘My God, It’s Like You’re Home’

New Jersey residents are being asked to stay home on Friday, a day after a deadly tornado killed more than 80 people in the state.


Chris Christie announced the state would close schools Friday to allow residents to rest and for police to patrol the region, but said the state has no authority to make such a decision.

“This is my god’s work,” Christie said Friday in a teleconference with the governors of New York and Connecticut.

“My God has blessed me with this opportunity, and we will continue to work with God.”

In a letter to New Jersey voters, Christie also directed state and local police to help with the state’s recovery.

He also said that if they cannot find residents who are willing to stay in their homes, “we will assist in the relocation of those residents from this state, and from New Jersey.”

Christie, who has faced criticism from both sides of the aisle for his handling of the tornado and other disasters in the region that devastated the region in the past decade, said he has no plans to travel to Texas or New Mexico for the holiday weekend.

The governor’s decision to shut schools came as the governors met in New Jersey, the most populous state, to discuss how to better protect New Jersey’s storm-ravaged infrastructure, including bridges and roads.

Christie’s office said the governor would attend the meeting, but did not give a reason.

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