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Overwatch’s New Gear: No More Wearing Glasses, No More Face Coverings

Overwatch’s New Gear: No More Wearing Glasses, No More Face Coverings

If you’re worried about Overwatch’s new Gear system, think again.

The developer said today that it is not planning on introducing a new system, and instead is adding more customization options for Gear users.

The company said that they are introducing “a few customization options” for Gear players, which it says will be implemented at launch.

The new customization options will “give Gear players the ability to create their own personalized look and feel,” the statement reads.

“Gear players will be able to create customizations for the way they play Overwatch, including the color, pattern, style, and placement of their goggles and face coverings.”

These customization options, according to the statement, will be “available for all Gear players at launch.”

As for Overwatch’s other gear changes, the developer said that it will “remind players of the importance of personalization” when it comes to new gear.

“For example, a Gear player will be encouraged to customize their gear to look like a more personalized version of the wearer, including custom color, shape, and pattern,” the developer stated.

“The Gear player also has the option of changing the design of their face cover up to their own personal preference.”

This change, the statement continued, will allow Gear players to “identify with their characters more directly.”

This is also a first for Overwatch, as it is the first title to include this customization feature in its own game.

Blizzard previously announced that it would be adding a “personalization” system to Heroes of the Storm for the upcoming season.

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