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Woman who got blackened nails to stop bleeding gets $1.5 million

Woman who got blackened nails to stop bleeding gets $1.5 million

A woman in New Jersey who got her blackened fingernails to stop her bleeding has been awarded a $1 million settlement from a company that made the products, the Associated Press has learned.

Kathy Giesbrecht, 52, said the company made the nails from a product called “TinyTone” and the products were sold in nail shops in the United States.

She sued the company in 2012 and the suit was settled in 2014.

The company, called T-Mobile, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The nail salon she went to closed in 2014 and a court ordered that it be closed for at least a year, but it reopened last year.

“Tinytone is a popular nail polish, but I was concerned that the nail salon would close and then it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to go out there to get the nail,” Giesbrocht told the AP.

“So I did what I thought was right and I went to a local nail salon and got the nail remover.”

Giesbrech said she was initially told by a customer that she should wear the nail polish for five days, but when she tried to use it she noticed her fingernail was blackened.

The salon said she could not have used the nail removal products for more than 10 days because they had expired.

Giesbroch said the nail care product was made from a synthetic ingredient that contained lead.

She called T.

Mobile to say she wanted to get her nails cleaned and then she asked a staff member if they could give her the remover and the staff said they could, but she had to go to a nearby store.

Giedbroch then called a lawyer to get compensation.

“I’m just tired of being on the streets,” she said.

“It’s been six years, but to be able to get something for a few dollars, that’s a miracle,” she added.

“I feel like I’ve been lucky.”

Tiny Tone is made from an extract of the bromeliad plant, a common plant in the US.

It is not used as a shampoo, but as a natural colorant.

Tiny tone, made from bromelain extract, is used as an ingredient in some nail care products.

T-Mobile did not return messages seeking comment.

In a statement, T-Mo said, “We are aware of the story.

We are proud of the products we are currently offering to our customers.”

T-Mo, which sells several brands of nail care, did have a policy of giving customers up to three days to get their nails cleaned.

A representative of Tiny Tone did not respond to calls seeking comment from the AP on Thursday.

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