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Women buy clothing and accessories online at Wal-Mart

Women buy clothing and accessories online at Wal-Mart

Women are buying online at major retailers and online fashion brands like Walmart, according to new research.

The study, which surveyed about 1,000 shoppers, found that online shoppers are buying clothing and fashion at a record pace.

“Online shopping is a huge part of our lives, and the amount of products and services that we buy online is going up,” said Rachel Kavanagh, a retail consultant at the firm Strategy&Co. “People are just getting into it and taking advantage of the opportunities that it presents.”

The study was done for the retail trade group by Strategy&co.

Kavanag said women are buying at record rates, with women spending more on clothing online than men.

Kavagh said she believes women are shopping at a level not seen in the past.

“I think the trend is going to continue,” she said.

The survey also found that women were spending more time on online shopping. “

There is an opportunity to get more products online and to be able to access more of the product range, because of the size of the online marketplace, which is now a bigger market than the retail space.”

The survey also found that women were spending more time on online shopping.

They were spending an average of four hours a day online, compared with an average time of three hours per day for men.

In a follow-up survey, Kavanaggs team said they had seen similar patterns to that in the previous survey.

The team said that online shopping was the fastest-growing segment in the apparel industry.

“Women have gone from spending $1.5 billion on apparel online in 2013 to $3.4 billion in 2019,” said Kavanaghan.

“That’s huge.”

The gender gap in online shopping is especially pronounced in Canada, with a gender gap of 4 per cent or more for women, according a study from the University of Waterloo.

The gender breakdown is similar in the U.K., where women spent an average $2,200 a year online, while men spent $2.3 billion.

The survey suggests that online retailers will have to start paying attention to their customer bases to make their stores more attractive.

“They’ve got to be thinking about what their demographics are and what the demographic of their customers are,” said Sharon Laidlaw, vice president of global merchandising and brand management at the online clothing retailer Burt’s Bees.

“We have to make sure that the store is appealing to that demographic.

And if we can do that, then they will come in.”

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