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How to choose a boys clothes wardrobe

How to choose a boys clothes wardrobe

The biggest question every boy needs to know when buying clothes for his boyhood is: what kind of boy should I be? 

What is the right size? 

Should I wear jeans or trousers? 

How much should I put on? 

Is it appropriate to wear shoes? 

And should I have a dress? 

In a world that has been flooded with boys clothing, this is a question most parents are asking their boys. 

But, as the media and fashion experts point out, what a boy needs most in his wardrobe is a wardrobe that suits his individuality.

The answers can be found in boy clothes, which is a term for a collection of clothes that are intended for boys.

They are often made for boys and the boys clothing industry is booming with demand. 

“What I love about the boys brand is it is so diverse,” says Jocelyn Farr, author of the best-selling Boys Fashion Guide.

“It’s like a boys world and it has grown up so much in the last few years.”

Farr is the founder of the online fashion blog Boycott Boys and Girls and is passionate about creating a safe place for boys to explore their sexuality.

A recent study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) found that more than 80 per cent of boys between the ages of 12 and 18 reported experiencing “sexual anxiety”.

“A lot of boys feel pressured into going out,” she says.

What is boy clothes?

“What we’re trying to do is help boys understand what their sexual identities are,” she explains.

When we talk about boy clothes we are talking about things like clothes, shoes, suits, skirts and coats.

There are many types of boy clothing, but these three items are often the most common.

The boy clothes industry is growing in popularity, with demand outpacing supply. 

There is a growing market for boys clothing online.

Boy clothes have a wide range of colours and styles, but Farr says they are more affordable than clothing for girls.

And, while girls clothes are usually made from fabrics that are suitable for girls, boys clothes are often created from more masculine fabrics such as cotton, linen or suede.

“If you are looking for clothes that suit you, and the type of clothes you are wearing, the best way to find boys clothes is through the boys’ section of the boys store,” she advises.

Choosing a boy clothes wardrobe involves deciding on the style and amount of clothing you want to wear. 

Farr recommends you wear a mix of styles to keep things fresh, but you should also be mindful of colour.

It’s also important to make sure your clothes are not too bulky or too small, she says, and that you don’t overdo it with colours or fabrics.

“We don’t want boys to look like they are in the clothes shop,” she adds.

Here’s a list of the top boys clothes brands.

What’s the right way to shop?

Farr advises buying boys clothes online from a reputable shop or from a parent company.

If you shop online, choose the products you will need from their site.

Check the fit and style and then make your decision on which colours and fabrics to choose.

Find a shop near you that stocks boys clothes, like online retailer The Boys and Gays, or book online and find the best deals.

Farr also advises checking out local stores that carry boys clothing. 

If you have an older son, Farr recommends buying clothes that he will wear regularly, but not too often. 

And, she advises buying clothes you will wear once you have turned 12.

So what should you buy when buying boy clothes online?

It depends on your tastes and preferences. 

The Boys and Gangs clothing website has a range of clothes to suit all boys, from boys’ coats to t-shirts, to tights and jeans.

Fellas like the black-and-white colourways, with a lot of white and a lot blue. 

They also have a range with patterns and colours. 

However, there are a few boys brands you should avoid: The American Boywear range, for boys, includes cotton, wool and nylon. 

Also, it is very popular for boys with an older style to buy shirts with large prints, which can be a little intimidating. 

A Boycott boys range includes all-black clothing, with prints and prints with bold prints. 

What about boys’ clothing online? 

“The boys’ website is fantastic,” says Farr.

She recommends checking out the products in the boys range, like American Boy Wear and The Boys Clothing Company. 

Online shopping is also a great way to buy boy clothes from smaller brands like The Boys Shop, which sells items that are not tailored for boys but are designed for boys who want a little more variety in their clothes. 

For example, the Boys Shop also sells boys clothes that look good on girls

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