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When a man gets a haircut, his hair looks like a medieval dress

When a man gets a haircut, his hair looks like a medieval dress

A man getting a haircut with his new hair color is looking like he has a medieval outfit, according to an article in The Times Of India.

The article says that the hair color on this man, who is from Bihar, looks like medieval cloth, and is also adorned with a red gemstone.

This article was first published on November 20, 2016.

The author, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the article was based on a photo of the man’s hair, which is adorned with jewels.

“The picture was taken on the same day, and I was looking at the same person on the side of the road, but I don’t remember the man from Bihar.

It’s just a guess,” the author said.

He added that this man is also wearing a red and gold ring with a diamond.

According to the article, the man got his haircut on September 16, and his hair color was changed a day later.

“A few days after I got my hair color changed, a few people who had seen him in the area came to know that he had got his hair changed.

We found him a few days later and saw his picture on a mobile phone,” he said.

This man’s beard has a gold gemstone on it, and he also wears a red gold ring on his finger.

He is also accompanied by his family, and has a dog.

He said this is the first time that someone has been seen with such a hair color change, and that he is also looking like a ‘good-looking man’.

The article also said that the man had taken a selfie with the same phone, and shared it on social media.

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