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Woman claims she was raped by three men after ‘fraud’ online

Woman claims she was raped by three men after ‘fraud’ online

An 18-year-old woman claims she and three friends were raped by four men online last year.

The woman has spoken out in a Facebook post and in a video on the site, where she has described how she was sexually assaulted by the men who took part in the incident.

She said: They said they would help me get out of this relationship, that they would have me as their partner, they would give me money and they would take care of me.

They would be like my best friends, and they were so nice and so nice, they didn’t want to hurt me, but they did want to make me happy, they wanted to make it go away.

In the video, the woman can be seen crying as she describes the attack.

“I felt like I was going to be raped,” she says.

“I was crying because it felt like they were going to rape me.”

The woman is the latest victim of an online attack, after being raped and tortured online last August.

It is believed the women were attacked after they reported the assault to the police.

This is a breaking news story.

Please check back for updates.

Video by Victoria Jones on TalkSport.com.auThe woman’s account has been shared thousands of times and she has been contacted by a number of people.

Her mother told the ABC that her daughter was a young woman at the time of the attack and she believed that the attackers were “young boys” from Sydney.

My daughter was only 18, so I don’t think she would have been able to fight them off.

“The mother of one of the men in the video said that he was a “younger man” who was a father figure to her daughter.”

He had been to school with her and she knew him well, she knew he was the same age as her, they had a lot of friends,” the mother said.”

My daughter would have known them as friends, they were always talking about her, she loved to read to them.

“Police have not released the identities of the four men who are charged with rape, sexual assault and conspiracy to commit rape.

Detectives are investigating how the attack occurred and are appealing for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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