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A new fashion for the humble clothes hangers

A new fashion for the humble clothes hangers

In the age of the internet, it is a good idea to keep your clothes in their original cases, says James Fadiman, the fashion historian and author of The Last Fashion, a book about the fashion industry.

He also points out that the way people dress is a very different story.

“There is a certain irony about people dressing up as fashion designers and wearing clothes from the 1930s, 40s and 50s,” he says.

“People dressed up as designers in the 1940s, but in the 1950s they were dressing up to look like fashion designers, dressing up like fashion photographers.”

As a result, Fadimans book suggests, you can see how the “designer” label may have been born.

But he says it has a lot to do with the way clothes were made.

The most famous example is the way a few of the most famous designer brands were made: Levi Strauss, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana.

The clothes they made were designed by designers, not factories.

The idea is that, if you can afford to, you could actually get a design job at a factory.

In fact, there are more than 200 factories in the US alone.

And although some of them are famous, most are not.

In the UK, the biggest clothing maker is Uniqlo, which makes jeans and coats, while Gap makes shoes and clothes for men and women.

But there are other manufacturers making clothes for the fashion world as well.

In 2011, Gap started producing underwear in partnership with American brand Prada.

But it is the US-based company Hanes that has been making designer clothes in the UK since at least the 1970s.

They have factories in Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

“Hanes is a global brand and they’re a global business,” Fadmahans says.

And Hanes is not the only one making designer clothing.

It’s not unusual to see a designer brand made by a factory in the United States.

And in some cases, they may even be the ones who produce the clothes.

But even in the past, the clothes that are produced at the factories have been very well made, according to Fadman.

“They’re hand-made and they have very sophisticated processes,” he explains.

“In fact, they’re designed to be very sophisticated, very well finished and very well thought out.”

The clothing is then cut and packaged in such a way that the clothes can be washed, he says, and then the clothes are returned to the factories to be made into garments.

“It’s very different from what happens in the factories that make jeans or coats,” he adds.

“The clothes come out in very good shape.”

And, although the clothes themselves may be made in factories, they also get their designs from designers, Fads says.

He says that the fashion industries in the world have become very, very different.

The internet has created a “global market” in which there are many factories that produce designer clothing, but the clothes may be sold online or through stores.

It also makes it easier for designers to get their ideas into the wider world, Fadi says.

It has also opened up a whole new world of ideas for clothing designers.

“You don’t need a designer to come up with a piece of clothing, you just need a design,” Fads adds.

He is quick to point out that these designers are not designers themselves.

“But they are people who are very well educated and very knowledgeable about fashion,” he said.

“We are all designers, we all know what we want, and we all are interested in what we’re doing.”

Fadimmans points out how fashion has changed over the years, with the internet allowing designers to “sell themselves to consumers”.

The internet is allowing designers who would otherwise not have a chance to sell their wares to have a huge opportunity to do so, he believes.

Fadimenans book, called The Last Fancy, argues that fashion has not been about making clothes, it has been about creating a brand, and creating an identity.

He describes the process of making clothing as a “museum of the mind”.

But, Fader says, it’s not a museum, it isn’t just a collection of clothes.

“What is a fashion museum is not just a place where people can look at their clothes, but a place in which they can reflect on their own creativity, their own ideas, their individual identity,” he added.

“And that’s what fashion is all about.”

The Last Fadom The book looks at how the last decade has seen the decline of fashion and the rise of fashion designers.

And it argues that the world is at a crossroads.

Fashion may be dying, but designers are going to be there to help save it.

But how do you create a fashion brand?

Fadms book has a couple of suggestions.

First, Fady says you should think about what your target audience is

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