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When you want to be like a celebrity, look no further than this

When you want to be like a celebrity, look no further than this

article article Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and CEO Sundari Pichari are both former executives at Google.

Both men have been very critical of Apple’s decision to acquire Beats Electronics, which made some of its products available on Apple’s iTunes Store.

Google has also been one of the most vocal critics of Apple when it comes to Apple Pay and its implementation of Apple Pay.

Pichai, who was Apple’s head of products until he stepped down in February, called the acquisition “an absolute disgrace.”

“There are some things that should never be done, and I would encourage any Apple investor to be skeptical of Apple and be very skeptical of the Apple Pay implementation,” Pichais said in a statement at the time.

“I think the fact that the deal was so close and that there was a very clear opportunity for Apple to buy the company, I think there’s a good chance that Apple will make the right decision.”

The news of Beats’ acquisition has been met with a mixed response, with many Apple fans celebrating the deal and others complaining that Beats was never a priority.

AppleInsider reports that Apple paid a record $3.5 billion for Beats last year.

Pinchuk, who is Apple’s senior vice president of global brands, has since said that the company “doesn’t need” Beats.

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